What About DJ Lights?

What About DJ Lights?

When we walk to enter a club’s façade, we cannot simply help ourselves but feel upbeat and have that thirst to hit the dance floor. Virtually, no one can explain how a club with hip sounds and exciting DJ lights can cast the so-called magical spell on anyone. You might have felt this yourself. This happens when you feel that no one is watching when you dance around with all those colorful lights blazing and the music holds you like you were in a trance. It seems that you’re inside a kaleidoscope that you can’t help but be frenetic and let it all loose in the dance floor. No wonder that all bars and clubs give their best to create this kind of energy. The most successful bars I’ve known usually have amazing lighting fixtures that go with the top-rated music lineup that invite all their patrons to come back for more.

Pump up the Volume, Flaunt All the Lights

DJ-ing is not merely all about music. Being a club DJ, the lights can have a major impact on your overall performance. DJ lights are not merely illuminations that point here and there around the club. These are tools you can use to fuel up the energy of the crowd around you. Party people would definitely want to stay longer in a club where DJ lighting is a sight to behold. Whether you use strobe lights, mirror balls and LEDs, the energetic vibe that any DJ light can give your audience can be an invigorating morale boost for us, even when we’re already exhausted from all the late night gigs.

Like the audio system, DJ lights should be appropriately positioned inside a club so that it can generate the intended subliminal energy that you want to transmit to all club-goers. This kind of energy fends off itself and creates even more energy. Light energy makes your job easier as a club DJ that it could power up your performance level. Just imagine comparing it to a plain room, where you have four walls and a fluorescent light is the only thing that brightens the room. It’s dull and boring. You might as well go home and sleep, eh? Now, if you install some ass-kickin’ DJ lights and pump in the latest dance music, it would make everyone’s nerves more active and jumpy. Add some of those sinister light movements, so that these will be dashing and darting all over the place and combine that with some flashes from a strobe – you and your guests will surely have a nicer time partying.

Intelligent DJ Lights

More sophisticated clubs have these intelligent DJ lighting systems that can be neatly manipulated by using a controller. When talking about intelligent lights, knowledge on DMX (Digital Multiplexing Data Transmission) must come in handy because it is the ultimate tool for easy-to-learn controlling lighting setups. DMX would enable any DJ to program in instructions before any performance. It can control the lighting sequences and fade patterns. Most of all, you can match the color changes of lights and make some special effects to suit the lighting mood to the music you’re playing. Getting familiar with DMX can be tricky, but when you get the hang of it, these neat tools can be useful and requires a little setup time. DMX can be totally reliable and would leave DJs free to focus on making music than making sure the lights go the way you want them.

Companies like American DJ, Chauvet and Elation manufactures sleek DMX controllers. With some advanced models, you can actually program up to 4000 lighting scenes in its memory, numerous chase patterns and dim effects right at your fingertips. What’s more is that some models can control even fog effects.

LED Leads the Way

In the recent years, LEDs have replaced the usual halogen lamps in DJ lighting because they use less energy. Because LED lamps can be individually turned on and off, these are used in DJ scanners where built-in programs can be installed making it capable of creating a variety of breathtaking chases and patterns. One newest product from American DJ is Quad Gem DMX, which is a scanner with 4 lenses packed with 224 high-output red, green, blue and white LEDs. As it is configured in groups of 56 per lens, this product can project four powerful moonflower effects from a single unit, covering a wide area of the club or dance floor with brilliant, razor-sharp beams. Most LED club lighting effects products are now completely portable and DMX compatible, so bringing them along to club gigs and installing them would not be a big hassle. Plus they can provide a superb DJ lighting experience you would want to share to all your fans, aside from bringing them good music.