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Numark N4 DJ Controller for Sale

The Numark N4 is a versatile, mobile controller with four decks and an integrated mixer that can be used with or without a laptop. Ready with big, touch-sensitive platforms, control loops and impacts, an integrated USB audio interface and a extensive mixer section with EQ and gain controls. One of the latest and most powerful dj controllers in the entire Numark DJ lineup is the Numark N4 Digital DJ controller. The Numark N4 is a four-deck Digital DJ controller with an inner 4-in/4-out soundcard that can play DVS vinyl or CD timecode for external deck control of the software of Virtual DJ Professional. This implies the DJ can upgrade to the Virtual DJ Professional variant (extra charge) to manipulate and regulate the audio files in the DJ software using their CD or Vinyl decks.

The used Numark N4 comes bundled with two distinct famous DJ software packages to get the DJ up and running straight out of the box. Numark provided the N4 with a two-deck version of Serato DJ Intro and a four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE. Each version has its positive and negative features and it’s great to see that Numark really thought about the end user and chose to offer them excellent alternatives.

The high-resolution jog wheel mapping appears to have been a tad bit tighter when using Serato DJ Intro. In Serato DJ Intro, the end-user receives only barebone characteristics of a no-frills form of DJ setup. You get 3-Effects per deck and loop checks in Serato DJ intro without any Hot Cues or Samplers to talk about. On the other side, if the DJ chooses to use Virtual DJ LE, for a more sophisticated function set, they will get 2-Effects per deck, 2-Samplers per deck, and 3-Hot Cue buttons.

The second hand Numark N4 is produced of nearly all plastic from a hardware view, making it light enough to move around and transport readily. There are side cutouts in the S4 that serve as handles for simple grabbing and going as well. All the knobs are plastic-post and they feel rubberized. All tough plastic buttons illuminate to demonstrate you precisely what’s active.

The crossfader is quite loose and with both software I was able to pull off some scratching, but in that category the Serato DJ Intro had better mapping overall. Because the fader has nearly 2.0 millimeters of dead space in it, it wasn’t nice enough to do your insane scratching, but it’s ideal to scratch baby scratches and mix style. The Linefaders have a little more resistance to them and they work well to get the correct quantities correctly.

For each, when turned all the way down, there is a3-band EQ with FULL-EQ-KILL. Before blending live, there is a Load button and Cue button above each channel to load the track into the respective deck or Cue that specific deck in the headphones. For simple track choice, there is a beautiful Big Oversized Browse knob right in the top center.

The Numark N4 for sale is a narrow four-channel / four-deck controller with characteristics that are really nice and flexible. DJ’s can play music through the software provided or hook up two external decks and use the N4 as a stand-alone mixer or a mixture of the two. The N4 comes with two distinct DJ software kinds to choose from so you’re prepared to roll out of the box straight away.

Price: $ 1000

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Finish: Black on Silver
Condition: Used

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Name: Taylor Drew
Call: (708) 925-3739
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