Get the Right DJ Gear: The Ultimate Guide in Purchasing DJ Equipment

Get the Right DJ Gear: The Ultimate Guide in Purchasing DJ Equipment

Any DJ would agree that our lives do not revolve merely on music alone. Like any good car mechanic who would be helpless without his tool box, seasoned DJs would definitely give way to assure the sturdiness of their DJ systems and DJ equipments. Mind you, these are the tools of our trade! Even if we would offer our arm and our leg, any DJ with a sober mind would not settle for anything less than the finest DJ supplies just get our job done right. In this regard, choosing the more reliable DJ equipment supersedes choosing dirt cheap DJ equipment.

Know What You Need

Buying DJ equipment has so many different brands to choose from, it can get daunting. If you are a seasoned DJ even coming back from the days of all vinyl, the selection now a days is huge. There is the focus on mobility now in which you can take your gear literally in a backpack now a days, compared to the days when you had to haul crates and everything around.

There are such compact dj systems now that you can have your laptop in your bag and a compact Hercules Controller and in the other hand a powerful travel amp system that with these three things you can perform on almost any weekend gig at a local venue. That is of course, if you are not a resident DJ somewhere, at which place you’d only need your laptop and play line.

I think the smarter the budgeting to buy dj equipment for less, gives you a chance to weigh if what you are spending makes sense for what you want the equipment for. For some, its a hobby, but many many that start as hobbyists are using the internet to make their name known such that getting a residency at a local club is not as hard as it used to be.

For novice DJs, price can really be a big issue because they are naturally bereft of enough bucks to buy the state-of-art DJ equipment. Does this mean that they are doomed at doing the worst performances because they can only afford used DJ equipment? Of course, it’s a case-to-case basis. If you’re a savvy DJ, you can always thresh out ways to find great deals in finding cheap DJ equipment without compromising the quality and dependability of the products. The tip is that you should know first what you need before looking at the price of any DJ equipment. For example, if you’re a mobile DJ, you should choose the DJ gear which is lighter or easier to transport. Lugging out the heavy stuff during late night gigs on various locations is no joke. Thus, it is essential to know what you need before doing the purchase because it will save you time in choosing the right DJ system for you.

Canvass Online

What’s remarkable about the Information Age is that it is easier for DJs to find cheap DJ equipment over the Internet. Google and Ebay can be your best buds in no time because this is where you can search for cheap DJ equipment. However, as the Latin phrase “caveat emptor” reminds you, you must be careful in dealing with shady characters online when buying used DJ equipments. Chances are, you might be easily gypped on buying defective products if you become too obsessed with the cheapest rates. The tip is that you must establish traditional communication lines with the people you deal with on the Internet. This is just to make sure that the person you’re dealing with is aimed at doing serious business or this person is just out to scamper off with your hard-earned bucks.

Get Advice from Local DJs

If you’re not comfy about purchasing DJ equipments and DJ accessories online, you should seek the help of seasoned DJs in your area. In this way, you can gain tips from them about where you can purchase the best DJ gear in your area. Remember that widening your network would mean greater benefits for you. If you hang out with veteran DJs, they might not just give you helpful tips in purchasing DJ gear, but they can also share their experiences and even recommend you for club gigs.

Know the Brand and Where to Get Replacement Parts

Better known DJ equipment brands like Technics, Numark, Stanton, Denon or Pioneer would be less of a hassle to maintain than other dubious brands available. Plus, if you need to replace some parts that get worn out over time, you can easily purchase replacements in your nearby music equipment store. It is actually wiser to choose reliable brands because maintaining your DJ gear would be like a walk in the park. With these brands, you can also spice them up easily by adding DJ accessories to them that are readily available. For example, you can easily find appropriate slip mats, beat counters and replacement crossfaders for well-known DJ equipment brands.

Always Do a Test Run

It’s always an SOP that DJs should do a test run of a product before purchasing them. You might not know it but the DJ equipment you’re interested in might have small hidden defects that you might miss by just physically inspecting them. As much as possible, you should ask a money-back guarantee from the seller, in case you might find something wrong with any used DJ equipment. It’s better to be safe than sorry that you should find a sure way you cannot be ripped off with any DJ gear you’re purchasing.

The Parlance in Maintenance

DJ equipments are like cars that need to be tuned up to maintain its tiptop shape. You need to clean it up and replace some parts in due time because wear-and-tear is fact of life you cannot avoid. This is why you need to purchase cleaning kits and lubes for your DJ equipment and DJ accessories to keep them in mint condition. Also, your DJ supplies need to be complete most of the time and you should dedicate one day in each month for the maintenance of your DJ equipment.

DJ Equipment: Where To Find Them

Being a DJ doesn’t only rely on your passion and creativity to remixing electronic dance music and creating catchy beats, your DJ equipment also counts. So the first thing to do when you do decide to make DJing into a career is to find some really good equipment.

There are plenty of top of the line DJ equipment out in the market but you can’t really spend money on those especially when you are just starting. What option that you do have is to start from scratch except of course if you are some rich kid who can easily ask money from his parents to finance such mighty expenses on DJ equipment.

One way to get these things cheap is to buy them second hand. You can really save plenty by doing that than to buy brand new DJ equipment that are quite outdated. Finding shops that sells these things would also be a challenge but you can also try your search online. There are plenty of online shops  who have sellers auctioning off second hand items. Just be sure to buy from known sellers or else you’ll be a victim of scams, which are quite rampant on the net.

If you really don’t have the money to buy even second hand dj equipment, the next best thing to do is to borrow from your DJ friends. When they’re not using it, you can ask them if you could try it out and do your own stuff. That way, you can practice without spending so much.