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Denon DJ DN-S3700 Turntable Media Player & Controller (Pair)

I have for sale a pair of DENON – DN-S3700 with Usb,HID. All is in working condition and in great shape. I’m asking $900 for both.

Denon DJ DN-S3700 was one of the few turntable to provide the usb folder for key management at the moment of purchase and in this cost range. The direct drive platter is really near to the feeling of vinyl, hot cue is extremely useful, I’m a fan of the pitch bend feature, it’s easy to pre-scan the computer bpm parts, search by criteria (date, bpm) is an asset if you’re not inspired. And finally, they’re usually reliable.

This used DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller is a cool mobile DJ tool that offers a host of helpful characteristics for creative flexibility improved by working DJs. The DN-S3700 literally provides both digital and analog realms the best of both worlds. The sleek and elegant unit includes a built-in authentic vinyl record for surface control as well as a host of advanced digital features, including USB and MIDI control.

The DNS3700 can support standard audio CDs, CDs, CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM formats as a CD deck. To keep up with the digital DJ of today implies to understand that most music is purchased online and stored on a hard drive. The USB port of the DNS3700 connects mass storage devices and provides DJs access from their hard drives to MP3 and WAVE files. A stereo audio interface between the DNS3700 and pcs is also served by the USB connection.

There are also plenty of expressive impacts on the DNS3700. There are 5 selectable effects including flanger, echo, delay, filter and other mood enhancement instruments, ensuring that the correct message is sent to the dance floor. Also the LCD display is fairly nice because in poorly lit rooms and clubs it gets bright so it’s still simple to see what’s going on. There are also some digital impacts on the DN-S3700, sweeping, stuttering, echo, and flanger are some of the ones I discovered myself using most. There are 5 built-in impacts in total, all of which are very nice and 3 platter impacts.

Price: $ 900

About the product

Finish: Black
Condition: Used

About the seller

Name: Cesar Valdivieso
Call: (916) 202-8586
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