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Ableton Novation Launchpad Mini for Sale

Used Ableton Novation Launchpad mini in perfect shape and working condition (no usb chord included). This is really incredible thing.

The Launchpad Mini is a lightweight, portable, inexpensive and powerful piece of equipment that any beginner or budget producer should get. It is specifically optimized for FL Studio and Ableton, although with other DAWs you can make it function. The Launchpad is mainly a way that allows you to play MIDI notes and regulate the DAW that you use. It really shines real potential when you use it for both of the above-mentioned characteristics.

The Novation Launchpad Mini pad controller expands all of the initial Launchpad’s features and flexibility into a portable package that is tiny enough that you can bring anywhere comfortably. With 64 touch-sensitive, tri-color performance pads and 16 programmable buttons, the Launchpad Mini is the ideal addition to your Ableton rig (including Ableton Live Lite), enabling you to activate loops and access all sorts of parameters or flying.

It’s also a wonderful match for other music software, including the Launchpad App for the iPad from Novation. Take it from Sweetwater-you’ll get lots of use from your Novation Launchpad Mini, however you placed it to work.

Launchpad Mini is intended for Ableton Live, but also integrates with FL Studio instantly. It also includes all the music you need to start making, including Ableton Live Lite, virtual instruments from Novation Bass Station, and 1 GB of Loopmaster samples.

You can use the mini 64-pad grid to play drum racks, generate amazing light show videos and control your mixer, as well as launching clips. There are also distinct buttons on the outside of the grid that can be used to apply killer FX or attach to whatever triggers and controls you like.

Price: $ 70

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Condition: Used

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Name: Jeffrey H. Silvey
Call: (732) 425-5653
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