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“Bodybuilding is the art of creating the body”

Patricia fuentecanteña Lorenzana is a 22 year old who combines his work in a supermarket with daily fitness

A little less than a year began training to compete and connected with the sport that she said, “is the most beautiful game I’ve ever practiced.” He began competing in the category of ‘Miss Bikini’ and being just a rookie in this sport has won three awards, one third place in the championship of Personal trainer DC’s competition. This year will begin to train for a new form, Body Shape a challenge that feels very excited and requires further definition of the body.

‘What competitions are presented?

The first was in Torrejon de Velasco (Madrid). At first I just thought extremeñas introduce me to competitions perome ventured down as a good competitor and was first. The second was the championship Extremadura also was first.And finally the championship of Valencia, which was the championship of Spain in which 16 competitors I was the third.

Why you practice this sport?

Because it’s very nice. I started in this sport to change a little, he was always very stressed and this is a sport that frees you very much, apart from physical exercise also free your mind, you forget everything.

When did you realize you could get away?

I think the person who proposes not take long to realize that. I started at the gym, but had done nothing, and a friend suggested me to get started in bodybuilding. It was a matter of a month that looked me a trainer and started training to compete and see where I have come.

Do you think anyone is valid for bodybuilding?

-The physical you must accompany a lot, it was the first thing I told my coach. A person who is wide or more gordita is much more work needs to get results. You will lose weight, but if you want to devote to this sport will cost a lot more work. Although I think everyone can.

What felt to win your first competition?

‘I do not believe it. When I got there there were very good people, including European champion who was second. I just kept looking around and think oh dear where I’ve gotten! When I was called to the scene said my name, I did not even notice me. And when receiving the prize a lot of emotion, do not you think you’ve got there.

‘What exactly are bodybuilding competitions’ Miss Bikini’?

-Entras In a room with all your friends and first start by paint you. Eat some carbohydrates and protein have only hydrates the body to grab a little volume, to mark the veins … When they go out to compete have to try to look out for you, so you can not stand, you have to be all the while doing poses. In this category are much fixed on the part of the buttock and legs, which was best carried.

-In Personally, how do you see the future? Do you plan to continue competing?

Yes, and also I’m looking forward. I begin to train in January to introduce me to the competitions in November. Also this year I have a new challenge, Body Shape category, which is more muscular and calls for definition of the body. It requires much more effort and perseverance. But I’m looking forward to get ready because this year I have a new trainer who is world champion and has trained more than 200 competitors, is very good and I’m very motivated.

What is for you the bodybuilding and what you say to those who see it as negative connotations?

For me it is the art of creating the body. It is a sport in which you try to have a strong body and definition, in which you try to maintain a higher definition and body symmetry. Bodybuilding is perseverance, willpower, diet … I know there are many negative connotations of bodybuilding, people see it all anabolic steroids but is not, at least in my case. I think it’s one of the worst watched sports, but this is not only fitness and diet, there is much work behind the you have to be very excited and eager to work, a lot of perseverance.


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