“Members of the Second Instrumental Unit were utterly superb,
putting the music across with accuracy and flair."                    
 -New Music Connoisseur

Accounting: an art and more

To those outside the environment of accounting and finance will find it a bit irrational compare accounting with an art like painting, music, poetry, etc., because they see anything that contains numbers with a gray or dark .

But to all who work in this industry they know that colors are part of the analysis of the information. A good example is indicating the writer Diego A. Sosa Sosa in his book Rainbow Financial, where he describes some colors of Online bookkeeping services as follows:

  • White : clear your financial situation.
  • Red : financial problems, debts, etc.
  • Orange : reduced costs and increased revenue.
  • Blue : different ways of earning money.
  • Green : investments.
  • Violet : budgets.

The art also accounting for ease of harmonious collection of financial information, having a clear idea of the economic situation of a company or organization.

The counter has a unique ability to bring order. Order on invoices, deposits, checks, bank accounts … at the entrance of the books and balance sheets … and in everything that relates to taxation and taxation.

Performing this task requires a solemn intellectual and artistic ability, because it can transform a real accounting disorder in balance and harmony, easing the work of his superior.

The accountant is an artist. An artist able to turn a frightening amount of unfathomable numbers in a rainbow of accounting information.

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