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A dentist and an artist

dentists artists

If estudiásemos dentistry we should be aware that in the race we are taught to take care of the oral health of the patient, to learn new techniques, processes and ways of working, but we teach to be a little dentists artists as to develop and design the perfect smile patient clinical Propdental is necessary to know a little about the art of giving to his mouth almost perfect results.

A dentist and an artist

The art of a dentist is in situations like in placing porcelain veneers without dental carved or dental implants immediately loaded with fixed teeth at the time for which patient to maintain the aesthetic dental from day one with all exact measurements needed to make your piece is perfect as Freedom Dental Melbourne have been doing.

Dental veneers without carving

Through dental veneers without carving made by the specialist dental aesthetics clinics Propdental is possible to design the perfect smile as if art were our patients.

Apply now your first free visit clinics Propdental to assess how we can improve the aesthetics of your smile using porcelain veneers uncut tooth .

Immediate load implants

These hairpieces and temporary fixed teeth are placed by the implantologist at the same time of implant placement immediately loaded and each tooth is prepared in Propdental clinics so that the piece is as close as possible to your natural teeth, both color in shape, height and width of the piece, that it seems even something simple, but it requires some art for creating a fixed teeth at the time as when a craftsman designs a vessel.

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